Government Shutdown Affecting Hiring in Some Areas

By: Lauren Mineau

New data from LinkedIn economist Guy Berger revealed hiring plunges at unfunded government agencies since the government shutdown began.

While it is no surprise that people aren’t looking for work at a place where payment is on hold, the data is telling of the impact the government’s actions have on the labor market.

Until the end of last year, hiring in both funded and unfunded government departments was fairly similar in growth. But starting January 2, a divergence began to emerge. Job starts at funded government agencies are growing at about the same pace, but down in nearly double-digit percentage points at unfunded departments.

LinkedIn economists plan to weave this data into the next LinkedIn Workforce Report. This data, Berger said, is based on incoming platform updates to the site.

The shutdown began at midnight on December 22, 2018, and has continued through mid-January 2019. Across the country, thousands of idled federal employees are without pay, and a recent New York Times article profiled several of them trying to make money in the meantime.

Many are looking to their local school districts to be substitute teachers, while others are driving for Uber and Lyft, delivering takeout or taking babysitting gigs.