Google Offering Free Employment Courses

By: Marie Donlon

Tech giant Google, along with online education platform Udacity, announced that the two companies will join forces to offer free online career courses for jobseekers at any stage of their careers.

Having worked together in the past, the collaboration resulted in a trial course back in March called “Networking for Career Success.”

Now, based on the success of that first course, Google and Udacity will offer 11 additional career courses, available to the general public. Among those being offered free of charge are courses dedicated to topics such as resume and cover letter writing, personal branding, tips for building LinkedIn and GitHub profiles and tips for tech roles.

"From our industry partners we’ve heard time and again that mastering career-centric 'soft' skills is a critical part of becoming fully job-ready," writes Kathleen Mullaney, VP of careers at Udacity, in a blog post announcing the news. "It is these strategies and techniques that often differentiate one job candidate from another when it comes to determining who ultimately gets hired."