Fun at Work: More Important Than You Think

By: Lauren Mineau

While you may not directly associate the workplace with fun, it’s important that the environment where you spend many of your waking hours has some parts that make you happy.

While the workday shouldn’t necessarily be comparable to one’s chosen Friday or Saturday evening activities, it’s important that your culture lends itself to contribute to your overall well-being, rather than strip it away.

In an article for, life coach and consultant Rhett Power made mention of the benefits of happy employees. The overall theme is simple: happy employees are successful.

Power noted the many benefits of happy employees, including that they’re more likely to take strategic risks, share ideas, be more productive, and support their colleagues.

How can you foster fun in the workplace? Try organizing a fun activity or get together that gets people away from their computer screens. If you are holding a meeting, consider a change of scenery or a team- building activity to get people thinking creatively. Even small things like a breakfast or lunch potluck club can be something people look forward to because they can contribute to something that everyone shares.

If your company provides customer service, employees who feel happy are more likely to serve customers better. If they feel like they’re taken care of, that attitude is very likely to translate to the customer. If an employee feels like they don’t matter or are overworked, that will likely be reflected in customer interactions.

When people have fun, they’re more creative. Combine the two and open your workplace up for suggestions. Everyone has a different perspective, and being considered and consulted is also a good way to make employees feel a sense of accomplishment.