Five Ways to Make LinkedIn Work For You

By: Lauren Mineau

Social media is a tricky thing to tackle. We’re often told to be cautious about what we post, as a potential employer could see it. But what about when we want to use it to make our professional lives better? It’s a fine balance to strike, but with a few tips it’s possible to make a good impression online.

Employers will often look at a candidate’s LinkedIn profile to get a sense of what they are all about. The site not only serves as a virtual resume, but as a place for you to showcase more of who you are and what you have to offer.

Share What You Read

If you come across an interesting article or bit of research in your industry, share it on your page. It’ll show that you keep your thumb on the pulse of what’s happening in the field you hope to work. A potential connection will likely see you as someone who stays learning and stays interested in what’s happening. It can also create the impression that you’re a natural leader by staying ahead of trends, culture and new research.

Create a Sense of “Virtual Reality”

In addition to sharing the good work of other people, showcase things you’ve done on your profile. If you have a blog, share a post. If you make videos or artwork, share that too. It’ll boost your credibility and show off how interesting you are.

Follow and Connect

Big name inspirations may not allow you to connect with their pages, but you can follow them. Keep your feed flowing with people who inspire you. Share their work, read what they post and be inspired.  It’s almost like free advice!

Reach Out

LinkedIn can be a great way to foster connections that may translate into real life. If there’s someone who inspires you, connect with them. Offer a compliment or ask an insightful question. It could spark a more in-depth conversation and could lead to a mentor-mentee relationship, an idea partner, or more. Be wary of simply asking for a job though, that could be taken incorrectly.

Don’t Go Dark

Keep your page fresh. Sharing is crucial, but make sure it’s happening often on your page. You don’t want a stagnant feed. Try to log in daily and get a grasp on the latest events and what your colleagues are up to. Aim to share something insightful or something you’ve personally worked on weekly or biweekly. Every few months, make sure your information is up to date and relevant and connect with a few new faces.