Finding Meaning and Purpose in the Workplace

Source: Pixabay

By: Marie Donlon

Today’s employees aren’t driven by salary as much as they are driven by meaning and purpose according to a recent study about work place benefits.

The secret to keeping an employee long-term is giving them a sense of purpose within the company, according to the study.

How is that accomplished?

According to Renelle Darr, author and expert in emotional intelligence, conscious leadership and transforming culture, the foundation made up of a few ingredients will lead to fulfillment and purpose in the workplace beginning with a focus on wellness


In order to accomplish most things, we need to feel good. Offering wellness plans in the workplace will go a long way toward that goal. Employers who offer their employees things like yoga classes, access to a nutritionist or pedometers are also giving their employees fuel for the energy to work on other bits of the foundation.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Through self-assessments, employees are encouraged to recognize emotions within themselves and others. Linking to those feelings will help employees develop and improve their EQ.

Conscious Leadership

From the previous steps a self-aware and emotionally intelligent leader is born who is guided by values and strengths and encourages shared decision-making and idea sharing.

Transformed Culture

Developing an employee in this way can result in a leader that encourages people to bring their “gifts” to the table. Gone are the days of a hierarchy and in its place grows a company based on idea sharing and one that encourages growth and development: the building blocks of meaning and purpose.

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