Don’t Forget to Use Your Vacation Time: Part 2

Part two of last week's Don't Forget to Use Your Vacation Time. 

By: Marie Donlon

Improved Coworker Relationships

Time away from the office, spent in the service of you can mean that upon your return you are in a better frame of mind to deal with problem managers, vendors or other people you are forced to deal with over the course of a regular work day. Likewise, time away from the office, ensuring even the smallest of breaks from an annoying coworker will likely result in your being more tolerant of said coworker when you return from wherever you have vacationed. Or, maybe you are no picnic yourself and perhaps time away from the office will make you less intolerable to your co-workers.

It’s worth a try.

Setting a Dangerous Precedent

If there is a trend in the number of people in your company leaving behind a significant amount of vacation time on the table at year-end, your company might consider reducing the amount of vacation time it offers its employees. The thought process behind such a conclusion is that if enough people aren’t taking the entire bank of time, they must not need it.

Please don’t do this  if not for you, then think of me.

Your Boss Wants You To

Even those in charge recognize the value in employees taking time off, with roughly 40 percent of executives surveyed on the topic believing that their employees would be more productive if they used their time.

"Americans [who take their vacation days] get the opportunity to completely unwind. They get a chance to spend some time with people they love, meet new people, and engage in a wide number of activities ... ready to face challenges at work and at home with a clearer head," said Juan Perez Sosa, vice president of sales and marketing for Barceló Hotels and Occidental Hotels & Resorts.

Another reason employers want you to take time off has to do with accuracy. Not taking vacation time can lead to sloppy, inaccurate work. Preventing a buildup of unnecessary errors will benefit both employer and employee alike.


Perhaps the most compelling reason to use your vacation time is to understand that your vacation time is part of your salary. Putting it that way, you might now look at leaving vacation time behind as tantamount to leaving cash on the proverbial table at the end of each year.


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