Does Your Employer Have an Inclement Weather Policy?

Source: Pixabay

By: Marie Donlon

With inclement weather affecting a significant portion of the country in recent weeks, many people are likely being forced to miss work thanks to treacherous road conditions.

Although a number of workers have understanding employers encouraging their employees to work from home or to use vacation or personal time instead of risking life and limb, others work for employers who may not be so understanding, demanding that they get to work regardless of road conditions, which begs the question: “Can you be fired for not going to work during inclement weather?”

The answer, according to attorney Alfonso Kennard Jr., is it depends.

"The law protects folks for not showing up to work if there's a natural disaster that requires or recommends you evacuate," Kennard said, pointing at the devastation from last year's Hurricane Harvey.

He added, though, "If a company has a policy in place, they have to follow it. The law says if you have an inclement weather policy in place, you have to follow it."

In short, before calling into work for a snow day, make sure you are familiar with your employer’s inclement weather policy.