Daily Motivation on Your Phone

By: Lauren Mineau

A lot of push alerts that come across our phones are things we could do without. Bad news, questions, pressing emails. But what if among all the noise, some encouragement came through?

Shine aims to do just that.

The smartphone application just celebrated its two year anniversary, but it recently has gained a lot of traction. It’s grown to two million users in 189 countries.

The app is designed to provide messages of motivation and reminders to take care of yourself on a busy day or stretch. Job seekers may find this program useful during the process and even into the transition of a new position, which can be overwhelming.

Source: Shinetext.com

The co-creators Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi met while working at DoSomething.org and formed a close friendship quickly. They became each other’s source of motivation, a sounding board and general encouragement source. But one day they wondered where others get this kind of support and realized many do not.

The content you’ll get is customizable to whatever goal you’re working on, which you can change as you choose or achieve your goals.

In addition to the tailored messages you’ll get each day, the Shine website has several articles on taking care of one’s mental health, growing as a person and remaining motivated. There’s also an option to be part of the “Shine Squad” with exclusive access to content before others, but you’ll have to refer 10 friends to the app to be there.