Company Conducts Interviews While Candidates Play Fortnite

By: Marie Donlon

Job interviews are generally stressful events often marked by a desire to impress potential employers and the fear that as a candidate you won’t. Now, French marketing agency Dare.Win is reimagining the typical job interview by asking candidates for an internship position with the company to play the video game Fortnite while fielding interview questions.

Candidates for the position are asked questions pertaining to their qualifications as well as employment and education histories while they play the enormously popular video game. Those not interested in interviewing through this mode of play can, however, request a traditional interview.

Despite the number of applications already received for the position, which would include work on content for well-known brands such as Spotify, Bacardi, YouTube and PlayStation, Dare.Win’s communications manager Manon Fargelat admits that the process of interviewing canditates while they play a video game isn’t all that easy.

"It's hard even for us, to ask and answer questions and focus on the answers," she said.

Yet, Fargelat adds that the unorthodox interview style is meant to be collaborative.  

"It's in collaboration — we are here to meet people and have fun."

Still, the interview style is not without its critics. Although it recognizes the value in seeing first-hand how an employee will fit in at the company, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) suggests that information is not enough to make an informed hiring decision.

"For organisations wanting to opt for 'quirky interview or assessment techniques', there needs to be a really clear rationale as to what they are testing, what they hope to achieve from this and how they are going to compare candidates in a fair and consistent way," said diversity and inclusion adviser Claire McCartney.

"Without this clarity and obvious objectives, organisations risk limiting their candidate choices, experiencing high turnover rates and seeing an impact on their brand."

The six-month, full-time position is located in Dare.Win’s Paris office.