China to Debut the First Female AI-Derived News Anchor

By: Marie Donlon

A female artificial intelligence (AI) news anchor will make its debut on China’s state news agency Xinhua News in March, according to reports.

Named Xin Xiaomeng, the AI-derived news anchor is reportedly the world’s first female AI news anchor and was produced through a collaboration between the government-controlled news agency and Chinese search engine Soguo. Making her first appearance during March's Two Sessions political event, Xin Xiaomeng will be joining the news agency’s first male AI news anchor Qiu Hao. Two versions of Qiu Hao — an English speaking version and a Chinese speaking version — debuted in November 2018. Since that time, the AI news anchors have reportedly performed well for the news agency, already delivering 3,400 reports and appearing onscreen for an estimated 10,000 minutes.

Source: New China TV/YouTube

When it was first introduced, versions of the Qiu Hao news anchor were described by the news agency as being able to “work 24 hours a day on its official website and various social media platforms, reducing news production costs and improving efficiency.”

Following Xin Xiaomeng’s debut, the news agency will also introduce its viewers to a new and improved male news anchor called Xin Xiaohao. Making its debut at some unspecified future date, Xin Xiaohao can stand, gesture and move more naturally than its predecessors, according to reports.

The AI-derived news anchors are just one example of how AI and other advanced technologies will impact the future workforce of just about every industry. AI has already proven to be a successful artist, writer and even a lawyer.