Best Employers in the World: LinkedIn Survey Published

This just in: LinkedIn’s annual survey of the best places to work in the US, the UK, Australia, India, France, Germany and many

Image credit: Pexels CC0

more countries. Some of the top employers come as no surprise: globally, Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Amazon, Facebook and Apple are respectively in first through third and fifth place.

The fourth place company, Uber, has very recently generated negative press for its negative company culture. The survey spans the 12 months ending in February 2017, so results do not include the effects, if any, of Uber’s current troubles.

LinkedIn bases its methodology on its members’ actions: how often site users apply for jobs through LinkedIn; how many non-employees seek connections with a company’s employees; how long current employees stay with a company. Two prominent employers are excluded: LinkedIn itself and its parent Microsoft.

Some general takeaways that characterize this year’s top employers:

*A focus on life beyond the office, such as by offering more vacation or sabbaticals

*Developing creative talent-recruitment programs, such as internships, and opening them to experienced workers

*Offering strong staff development programs

*Working to reduce the gender pay gap

*Providing unexpected perks: BMW in Germany allows employees to select a vehicle to use on their wedding days

*Getting political when issues affect employees, such as the immigration debate in the US

*Negative headlines do not necessarily drive away talent

*Big is better: the average employer on the US list has 66,279 employees

Read the complete set of results here.