Attracting Millenials

Source: Pixabay

By: Marie Donlon

In an industry fraught with high turn-over rates and a limited talent pool, high-tech employers are all vying for the tech-savvy millennial.

Attracting and retaining the high-tech millennial has become priority number one for many tech companies. However, even major companies like Amazon and Google are having trouble keeping these much-sought-after employees, with reports often listing them as having the least loyal employees.

So why don’t millennials stay?

Oftentimes, according to research, there are so many opportunities for employees with high-tech knowledge and backgrounds that there is a significant amount of job-hopping. Likewise, companies are overlooking the importance of certain benefits to this population that go beyond salary.

A survey from SysAid Technologies recommends offering the following list of workplace benefits to attract and retain this demographic.

  • Professional development

  • Fitness classes or an on-site gym

  • Paid-time for volunteering

  • Attractive, high-end office space complete with high-end coffee options

  • Transportation allowance

  • Work-life balance

  • A system that allows for daily errands to be run (dry cleaning pick up, banking, etc.)

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