Apple is Using a Secret Web Page to Find the Best Talent

By: Lauren Mineau

A hidden section of Apple’s website revealed a job description and a call for a talented engineer to work on the company’s infrastructure.

The webpage was discovered earlier this month by ZDNet’s Zack Whittaker under the landing page The posting has since been removed, but called for a “talented engineer to develop a critical infrastructure component.”

Whittaker wrote that he used Burp Suite, a traffic analyzer, to intercept data between several iPhone apps to see what kind of personal data was sent to advertisers.

There were many connections to analytics sites and ways to track app consumption among users, he said, and several of those connections were to one of Apple's "blobstore" servers, which the company uses to host iCloud data, such as customer photos and videos. He entered the web address into a browser, and there it was.

The discovery circulated on many Apple forums too, but so far, no direct response is to be found from the company. Perhaps they’re interviewing candidates as we speak.

Regardless, it was likely an interesting discovery and perhaps a reminder that the perfect job could be where you least expect it.